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Welcome to Francis Frank E-Motion Ministry where there is no judgment and expression of thoughts and emotions are expected. 

Given my credentials and my own journey through grief, I am called to minister to the dying and those surrounding them.  Put another way, I assist with transition from this earth bound life to Life after life, and the plethora of thoughts and feelings that arise for those that remain. My spiritual connectedness informs me on how best to hold space for you. There is no timeline or formula for grief as it is personal to the griever. The quantity or quality of time with the people whom have passed on are everything and nothing related to the grieving you need to do.  Greif changes the griever while Self-forgiveness is essential to both the transitioning and those that surround them.

I also joyfully celebrate milestones. I believe gratitude for the little things is as important, if not more than, the big things. But, the big things definitely deserve proportional attention. With Love in my heart and Light in my eyes, I would be honored to be your celebrant, to share the Joy that fills us up and spills over, spills and spreads over ALL and fills us up again and again.  We are fountains of Joy in a shared pool of Love. It is truly in giving that we receive.

Blessings of Love and Light,
Rev. Francis Frank, MSE

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